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Civic Exchange (Hong Kong) Civic Exchange is an independent public policy think tank. Its promotes civic education and undertakes research on economic, social and political policies and practices to help shape public policy debate.  Plowshares and Civic Exchange jointly lead the Risk Management for a Harmonious Society program in China.

Center for Empowering Reconciliation and Peace (CERP) (Jogjakarta, Indonesia): Empowers Indonesian communities to participate actively and creatively in overcoming conflicts to nurture a life filled with peace and justice.

Hartford Seminary (Hartford, USA): Committed to interfaith education and dialogue and providing quality, social scientific religion research that is helpful for religious leaders and the general public.

Research Center of Societal Risks and Public Crisis Management at the University of Nanjing (Nanjing, China):  The Evans serve as International Advisors to the Center which is the primary risk management (i.e. conflict transformation) organization in China.

Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences (Nanjing, China): Serves as advisors and researchers for the government of Jiangsu province.  Robert Evans is a Special Researcher for the Academy.

Jiangsu Intercultural Exchange Center (JICEC) (Nanjing, China): Facilitates exchange and dialogue with scholars, artists and community leaders.  Robert Evans is an International Councilor.

Mediation Transformation Practice (Cape Town, South Africa): MTP embraces the values of democracy, constructive conflict resolution and the development of people and society. It helps people manage conflict and change constructively.

Just Peace Center for Mediation and Conflict Transformation (Washington, DC, USA): Prepares and assists United Methodists to engage conflict constructively in ways that strive for justice, reconciliation, resource preservation and restoration of community in the Church and in the world.


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