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Mediation, Consultation, and Facilitation

Plowshares has responded to calls for assistance on a range of conflicts from small community organizations to international truth commissions.  Examples of our mediation, facilitation and consulting work are listed below.  In many cases, local leaders were subsequently equipped to mediate further conflicts on their own.

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1972-Present: Transition to a democratic South Africa
Collaboration with leaders such as Archbishop Tutu to promote nonviolent resistance to apartheid and smooth the transition to a new democratic South Africa. This included supporting local leaders to mediate conflicts concerning: 

  • Police brutality towards anti-apartheid activists;
  • Tensions among ethnic groups in townships;
  • Redistribution of land between white landowners and black workers;
  • Educational access in the transition from a segregated to an integrated education system.
1982-2007: Work with the U.S. and Indonesian Militaries

Consulted with, mediated with and/or trained senior military officers in the United States and Indonesia on concerns such as:

  • The effect of long deployments on U.S. officers and their families;
  • Consultation on the development of the peace curricula for the U.S. Navy and Air Force War Colleges.
  • The relationship between GAM (Free Aceh Movement) and the Indonesian military in Aceh Province following the MOU on the Peace Accord;
  • Conflict and police training in Papua province
1994-Present:Civic Affairs in Hong Kong

Partner with Christine Loh, CEO of Civic Exchange in Hong Kong to consult, mediate and facilitate dialogue with government officials and their constituents on issues such as: 

  • Constitutional revisions to support universal suffrage
  • Air pollution from trucks and taxis
  • Protection of fish stocks by local fishermen
  • Fares and availability of the transportation system
1998-2009: U.S. Cities program

Worked with local government and community leaders in ten US cities to equip multi-racial teams to mediate disputes based on access to jobs, education and housing, and the underlying racial and economic tensions that fueled those disputes. Volunteer community mediation centers were subsequently established in several of these cities to handle new and ongoing conflicts.

1999, 2006-2008: Independence for Timor Leste
  • 1999: Equipped human rights advocates, UN personnel and religious leaders in Timor Leste to facilitate the reintegration of pro-Indonesia militia members and their families into communities resistant to their return following the violent reaction to the vote for independence.
  • 2006 – 2008: Served as two of the three International Advisers to the Commission of Truth and Friendship between Indonesia and Timor Leste, the first truth commission between two sovereign nations.
2007-Present: Environmental Justice
Consultation, planning and facilitation of workshops for the Tällberg Forum, Sweden, on issues of environmental justice, forestry and climate change.




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