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From its inception Plowshares has carefully designed two- to three-week “immersion” experiences to educate and equip government and community leaders to respond to global realities with increased sensitivity and effectiveness.  Convinced that no educational approach is more effective than lived experience for building a global world-view and challenging assumptions, Plowshares staff members have conducted more than 65 international seminars since 1981.
Through experiences such as living in a Masai tribal village in Kenya, in-depth discussions with members of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, meeting with multinational CEO’s in Brazil, picking cotton in Nicaragua, or meeting with Chinese religious leaders in Nanjing, participants are exposed to the hopes and dilemmas of the developing world.  Drawn from their “cultural cocoons,” participants are inspired to return as more engaged members of the global society.

In addition to accepting individual applicants to “stand-alone” seminars, Plowshares organized and led several multi-year programs such as:

  • Globalization of Theological Education, a four-year program with twelve North American graduate schools of theological education.
  • Citizens of the World, a five-year program for corporate, governement and civic leaders.
  • Four exchange visits between Indonesian and South African senior government, religious, military and civic leaders to learn from one another and strengthen south-south partnerships.
  • Faculty development seminars for the Nagel Institute and the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities in Asia and Africa.

Plowshares currently organizes travel seminars at the request of other organizations for their constituents. We are not presently organizing travel seminars open to the general public.


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