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In Mainland China and Hong Kong, Plowshares has:

  • In partnership with Christine Loh of Civic Exchange, consulted, mediated and facilitated dialogue with government officials, non-profit organizations and their constituents in Hong Kong on issues relating to pollution, transportation and voting rights.

  • Trained members of the Hong Kong police force in conflict transformation.

  • Led travel seminars to introduce North American citizens and leaders to the issues of Chinese society and the relationship between China and the United States.
  • Led the Risk Management for a Harmonious Society program in mainland China with our colleague, Ms. Yan Yan Yip, from Civic Exchange.  This project brings conflict transformation skills to university faculty, social workers, NGO staff, civic and religious leaders, and government agencies in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and beyond.

Our partners in China:

    • Civic Exchange (Hong Kong)
    • Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center
    • Pudong Association of Social Workers
    • Shanghai Normal University
    • University of Peking
    • University of Nanjing




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