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South Africa


In South Africa, Plowshares staff and programs have:

  • Trained more than 1300 political, religious, community and youth leaders in conflict mediation, negotiation and cross-cultural communication in the run up to the first all-race elections in 1994. The Evans were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by members of South Africa’s parliament for this work.
  • Equipped multiple local partner organizations to train others in conflict transformation.
  • Through  frequent  travel seminars, introduced North American leaders to the political, economic and cultural lessons of South Africa, both before and after the end of legalized apartheid.
  • Led conflict transformation workshops for Zimbabwean refugees dealing with the dual crisis of the violent collapse of Zimbabwe and xenophobic attacks in South Africa.
  • Brought together American and African scholars in South Africa to examine the interface between Christianity and public policy.

Partners in South Africa

  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Chair of Plowshares International Advisory Committee
  • Bishop Paul Verryn, Central Methodist Mission, Johannesburg
  • Creative Constructs, Cape Town
  • Diakonia Council of Churches, Durban
  • Mediation and Transformation Practice, Cape Town



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